Glass Coffee Table / Cocktail Tables

glass coffee tables

glass coffee tables with sandstone

Four small coffee tables instead of two large coffee tables. This design is best for traffic. If your sitting in front of any one of the coffee tables you can still get up and get out. The coarse sand stone with a 3/4″ glass top simple and elegant. Custom glass coffee table was the design solution. I milled slots in to the stone on my bridgeport milling machine and added broken edges to the support glass. Small stainless steel legs keep the tables from scratching the floor. Custom glass tables are cost effective and make a grand statment . These signed table will and have gained value . Why buy one of many when you can purchase signed one of a kind.

This set consists of 4 tables. The top glass surface sits on custom cut sandstone cubes. We cut the sandstone in house.

24″ X 24″ 10″ tall Sandstone Cubes- 13″ X 13″ X 13″

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