Custom Water Wall by Marc Konys

Glass Water Wall

This glass water wall was created by Marc Konys for a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. The client wanted a glass water wall that was one of a kind and drawn in customers. They had recently expanded the restaurant to have a outdoor area and they wanted something that both added to the atmosphere captivated patrons. Keeping these things in mind, Marc designed, constructed and installed this custom water fountain wall in the bar. These beautiful walls now encase the restaurant’s outdoor patio. This custom water wall wall project is one of Marc’s most talked about pieces.

glass water wall

If you need a custom water wall designed or have a similar project in mind, please contact us. Marc is a award winning glass designer and has many unique ideas for outdoor water walls. If you have any questions about how we can help you, please use the form at right to contact Marc. Thanks for visiting Marc Konys Glass Design.

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