Kajacary floating glass shelves

floating glass shelves

This wall unit will truly set off any collection. Your collectibles will seem to float as you display items on this unusual shelving unit. The shelves are fused to the glass panel which is secured to the wall and the floor .You can get a signed and numbered edition or custom designed floating glass shelves.

48″w X 86″h X 10″d
3/4″ thick

Diagram of Dimensions


Made from 3/4″ glass  these floating glass shelves make a strong design statement . Leaning  on the wall at  6 degrees  the floating glass shelves are still level to the floor.  The original design was a window treatment.  I used a clients art glass collection on floating glass shelves  instead of cutains.  A spot light place out side in front of the window at night back lit the floating glass shelves.

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