Dichroic Glass custom stain glass art

Stained Glass Art Used for Church Glass Windows

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Hard to categorize custom stained glass art, dichroic glass window design or dichroic glass blown drips laminated to stain glass (gna),thats it. Its hard to show the color change with still shots I hope to post a video of the windows “SHOWERED WITH BLESSINGS” soon and video of making the glass drips.

This piece was designed for a Cleveland Ohio area Catholic high school chapel. As I stated before, we’ll be working on a video piece to put up on the site. If you have more questions about this piece feel free to call us. The uniqueness of this stained glass art piece is amazing.

If you are looking for church glass windows, we can help you. We specialize in stained glass window designs and patterns. We have clients all over the country who we’ve helped create unique glass pieces. Marc is willing to travel to wherever you are to help you create that one of a kind glass window or stained glass window.

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