Decorative Glass Shelves

Custom Designed Decorative Glass Shelf

decorative glass shelf

This decorative glass shelf with unique dripping edge is only possible in glass. By definition, glass is a super cooled liquid. I have designed and built a specialized kiln in order to create this dripped edge effect by custom bending 3/4” of glass. This has enabled me to make unique custom furniture, custom shelves and custom bar tops. Glass as a media is virtually untapped. I feel there is so much more to be done in glass. We can push it so much farther and created more unique pieces by developing custom techniques like the dripped edge.

”Everything is yet to be done and not to be done over again” – PICASSO

Decorative glass shelves make a very strong design statement. The shelves add to the artwork they hold or display, yet do not overpower the art. Another important component to any display is lighting, which I address right from the start of any project. Furthermore, the key to designing floating glass shelves is the lack of hardware. Brackets are needed to hold the decorative glass shelves but they must not be a focal point. I design and fabricate the custom hardware needed to install my contemporary glass shelves.

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