Glass staircase railing design

Custom Staircases by Marc Konys Glass Design

custom glass railing

custom glass railing

I designed this glass staircase railing to open up the two rooms. The brushed metal and mahogany give a deco feeling and the bamboo keeps it fun. I also designed an art deco fireplace in the same room.

If you are looking for a glass staircase railing and you want something that no one has, contact me. I can custom design a glass railing or glass staircase railing. Feel free to contact me by my phone number or the form at right.

Custom glass railings create a high impact design statement.  The brushed metal, mahogany, tempered glass and bamboo create a grand entrance to a fun room. Don’t be satisfied with the sterile glass railing from the mall.  I can design a custom railing for you.  I enjoy working with other design professionals   Remember this cliche: “The sum is always more than the parts”.

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